Answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding our services, Personal Stylists and what to expect from our 3-Step Styling Process.

Q.  Do I have to keep everything my Personal Stylist brings to my fitting?

Absolutely not. Your Personal Stylist will bring a wide variety of options to your fitting – far more than you will end up keeping. We do this to ensure you are exposed to as much variety as possible and make the strongest selection to suit your needs. Once you’ve tried everything on you will decide which pieces you would like to keep. Your Personal Stylist will return everything else.

Q.  How does my Personal Stylist know what I’m looking for and which items to shop for?

All decisions on budgeting are left entirely up to you. During your Initial Consultation, you will work with your Personal Stylist to determine the items that need to be shopped for, the quantity you would like to receive and the types of designers you are interested in. Based on this information, your Personal Stylist can advise you on a range of what this would cost. We work with all types of budgets and are very flexible.

Q.  How do you determine the amount to spend on my clothes?

During your Initial Consultation your Personal Stylist will go through a thorough questionnaire process to determine your personal preferences, the styles and shapes that suit your body type, and the things you are missing in your current wardrobe. You will go through a full Closet Revision to look at what you currently own that is working and what you need. Together you will make a shopping list which your Personal Stylist will follow when they are selecting clothes for your fitting.

Q.  Do you style men?

Yes, we love working with men and tending to all of their shopping and styling needs. We can also accommodate couples’ sessions where we fit you and your partner simultaneously.

Q.  Can you dress my children?

Just like men and women, we are happy to shop for your children as well. We know that handling a child’s ever-changing wardrobe can be just as time-consuming as maintaining your own. We love working with kids and can tailor our services accordingly.

Q.  What brands and designers can I expect?

Unlike the online subscription based styling services who are only able to offer a selection of brands and designers, our scope is not limited. Because we work with you in person and shop specifically for you without buying in bulk, we bring you the designers of your preference. Nothing is off limits, even if it is something we have to have shipped in from another state or country. Your Personal Stylist works with you to determine exactly what you like and then brings you just that. We have relationships with every major design house and can provide you the luxury you’re accustom to in-store, within the comfort of your home.

Q.  I’m looking for a full closet overhaul. Is this something you provide?

Absolutely. The first step in our 3-Step Styling Process includes a full Closet Revision and Overhaul. Together, you and Personal Stylist will go through everything you own to determine what you have that is working, what isn’t, what is never being used, and what can be brought back to life with tailoring and alterations. You will learn lots of information during this process on how to put outfits together with pieces you already own. We strive to get the most use out of what you have and only shop for the things you are missing.

Q.  How will I know how to style outfits together once my new clothes are delivered to my home?

Upon delivery, you will also be given a personalized Look Book tailored specifically towards your new purchases. This includes photos of everything you’ve bought, mixed and matched together so that you never have to worry about what to put on in the morning. We will include looks that cover all areas of your lifestyle: workwear, casual, formal etc. This will be the most useful tool in simplifying your life.

Q.  I do not live in Los Angeles or New York City. Do you travel?

Yes, we travel to clients on a regular basis and structure our 3-Step Styling Process in the exact same way. Your Personal Stylist will shop at stores in and around your local city, while also having product shipped in from LA and NYC, to fulfill your wardrobe needs. In addition to services rendered, you will also assume the cost of your Personal Stylist’s travel and accommodation.

Q.  Can I wear clothes and then send them back?

During your fitting you will try everything on before you commit to purchasing the items you like. Once items have been paid for they cannot be returned. If an item is damaged, your Personal Stylist will return and/or replace it. Any other worn merchandise cannot be returned.