Want a closet filled with what you need, when you need it, and the wherewithal of understanding how to get the most versatility out of what you own, but don’t have the time, interest or skill set to maintain it? Let us take care of it for you so you can focus on the things that really matter.

We are a full service Personal Styling firm handling all shopping and wardrobe needs from start to finish with in-home consulting sessions for men and women in Los Angeles & New York. Our goal is to take care of everything fashion related on behalf of our customers, provide them with exceptional service, ensure they always look and feel their best, equip them with the necessary ‘style-skills’ to allow them to dress with ease – all while never having to leave their home or worry about the work that goes into maintaining a well-kept look.




Meet with your Personal Stylist and assess specific wardrobe needs.



Try on new clothing in your home based on your individual preferences.



Only keep the items you like, send back the rest with hassle-free returns.





During the Initial Consultation, your Personal Stylist will conduct a 30-point questionnaire to determine your fashion preferences and wardrobe needs, to get a deep understanding of the image you seek to portray and the types of clothing that will satisfy your style-goals. Together you will outline exactly what it is you would like to accomplish, whether it be a full closet overhaul or a few updated looks, in order to individually tailor the MiKADO Styling Process to best alleviate your challenges. Your Personal Stylist will leave with all the necessary information to shop on your behalf so that you can look amazing without doing the work. The Initial Consultation is completely free of charge with no obligation to sign up for service once completed.



Once shopping is completed, your Personal Stylist will deliver new clothing options based on the list you created during your Initial Consultation. Receiving in the comfort of your home allows you to try everything on at leisure, get second opinions from friends and family, and look at how new items pair with what you already own. Having product delivered means you can take the time you need and try on clothes at your own pace and schedule. Your Personal Stylist will be on hand to guide you through your In-Home Fitting where you will try on what you like and decide what you wish to keep. You will be shown an extensive array of options, all of which will be congruent with your wardrobe requests, to provide you with variety in regards to styles, colors, fits and brands. We aim to give you the full department store experience, without the distraction of items that don’t suit your needs, but rather a great selection of pieces that were hand-picked just for you.



Once new clothing options are presented during your In-Home Fitting, and you’ve tried everything on of interest, you will decide which items in the selection you’d like to keep. 100% hassle-free returns means your Personal Stylist will ensure you are never stuck with clothing you aren’t completely satisfied with and will return or exchange anything that didn’t fit or wasn’t suitable. Once you’ve made your selections, you will be charged for the items you have kept and will never incur cost for those that didn’t work out.  Should you need a size, color or style that wasn’t shown in your fitting, your Personal Stylist will take care of the purchase and delivery of the item on your behalf, while also coordinating any alterations or tailoring that may be required on items you’ve chosen to keep.



Knowing which pieces in your closet still have wear left in them and which are time to retire, is often a difficult task.

During your Initial Consultation you’ll work together with your Personal Stylist to assess the items you should keep, what to discard of and where the missing pieces are in your wardrobe.

Often all it takes is styling unworn clothing in a new way to bring it back to life, or sending it off to the tailor for minor alterations to ensure a better fit. We aim to get the most use out of what you own and focus the shopping on what you’re missing.

At this time, we’ll also be looking at what’s in your closet to get a sense of the brands you’re wearing and the styles and colors you gravitate towards. Seeing a new customer’s wardrobe gives us a really clear understanding of their fashion preferences and equips us to shop confidently on their behalf.


We know old habits die hard, especially with personal style. Access to an expert means learning how to identify what looks best on your body type and how to style great outfits in ways that suit your taste and lifestyle.

After shopping is completed, your Personal Stylist will set up The In-Home Fitting – a chance to try new clothes at leisure. We understand finding the perfect look often takes multiple attempts, which is why you’ll be presented with countless options in every category on your shopping list.

During this fitting you’ll try on new items that were specifically chosen for you, learn how to style them into various outfits and receive expert advice on how a single item can be worn in a variety of ways or paired with what you already own. This service takes the dreaded change room experience out of shopping and ensures you’re getting the very best of what you want.


Having a brand new wardrobe without the hassle of shopping is great, but when it comes to getting dressed in the morning you’re still left to your own devices.

We understand how valuable your time is and aim to take the guess work out everything clothing-related. Your Personal Stylist will create a Look Book made up of outfit ideas based on your new purchases. All you need to do in the morning is flip it open and find the items in your closet.

Each page will feature complete outfits and will correspond with the various areas of your life (work, formal, leisure etc).

  • how to dress your pieces up or down
  • how to mix and match items
  • style ideas for accessorizing


Everyone has a unique area of concern. The 3-Step Styling Process handles all your wardrobe struggles to ensure you look and feel great, without any of the hassle.


With consultations and fittings in your home and the delivery of clothes to your doorstep, you never have to worry about finding what you need in a mall again. Say good bye to dreaded change rooms and pressure sales-tactics. No longer do you need to be overwhelmed by choices that aren’t suitable for you and racks of things that don’t fit. We bring you only the types of items you like, always in your size.


Hectic work and life schedules often mean the last thing you have time for is shopping. Our In-Home services provide you with a one-stop-shop, based around your schedule, at a time that’s most convenient for you. No need to worry about babysitters, driving, or waiting in line to checkout. We take the stress of time and scheduling out of shopping making sure you always have what you need, when you need it.


Understanding how best to fit clothes for body type is a challenge common amongst most, but a valuable skill worth mastering. Not only do we work hard to bring you the closet of your dreams, but also to ensure you walk away fully equipped and educated with our tips and tricks for how to best dress your shape. Choosing clothing that best suits your body type allows you to feel confident and invigorated with the image you’re putting forward.


Working with a Personal Stylist doesn’t necessarily mean you lack a love for fashion, but often that you just require a style-refresher or a second set of eyes.  It’s easy to fall into a routine and end up wearing the same 20% of your wardrobe without knowing how to add new pieces and create different outfits. We’ll show you how to take the styles you love and wear them in new outfit combinations you’ve never tried, while still staying true to yourself.



We are a team of positive, forward-thinking, style-experts who have a big vision of bringing exceptional service, outstanding fashion-knowledge, and increased self confidence to every single person we work with. We are a diverse group of people who share in the genuine enjoyment of bringing pleasure to others and enriching the lives of every one of our customers.

Our Personal Stylists are fashion industry veterans with an abundance of experience in both men’s and women’s wear, having worked with individuals from all walks of life to take the stress out of shopping and looking great. Our knowledge of proper fit, color-analysis, fabrication, trend direction, dressing for body type, and image development ensures our customers the peace of mind of being able to put their wardrobe needs in the hands of someone else.

Above all else we work to make the lives of our customers easier, less stressful and more inspired. This means we tailor the styling experience to fit the lifestyle, day-to-day schedule, personal preferences, and budget of each and every person we have the pleasure of working with. Whatever the need, we’re able to accommodate it.


Before our love and passion for great style, is our commitment to exceptional service. As Personal Stylists we not only seek to provide our customers with the wardrobe of their dreams, but make it our primary goal to ensure we create a magical experience that leaves them feeling invigorated, excited and confident. We approach our work with optimism and generosity, and thrive on providing openhearted hospitality for others.

We are privileged to have the opportunity to shop on behalf of so many wonderful people, playing an integral role in such a personal area of their lives. We take this responsibility with full conviction and work tirelessly until every customers’ needs and desires have been satisfied.




Your Personal Stylist shops on your behalf for whatever you’re in need of, whether it be a full closet overhaul, a special occasion outfit, a change of size, or anything in between. During the Initial Consultation your Personal Stylist will help to determine a comfortable shopping budget, which will be used to purchase everything on your list. This is just a rough figure, and you’re always welcome to come under or over your budget depending on how many items you decide to keep from your fitting.

You will receive a quote from your Personal Stylist within 24 hours of the Initial Consultation, outlining the price and time required to complete your service. We make it our goal to be as upfront and transparent as possible with regards to pricing, ensuring you’re always aware of the costs involved at the onset. We charge an hourly flat rate of $125.00 for all services included in The 3-Step Styling Process, with the exception of the Initial Consultation, which is free of charge. We also offer flat rate prices for larger, more labor-intensive projects, to ensure we stay within a reasonable budget for our customers. Flat rate pricing will be outlined when necessary on your quote for service.

  • In-home consultation with your Personal Stylist.
  • Detailed review of needs, preferences and budget.
  • Receive clothing based around your schedule.
  • World-class fashion & style experts.
  • Unlimited phone/email access to your Personal Stylist.
  • Closet Revision, Home Styling Session, Look Book.
  • Personalized shopping on your behalf.
  • Unlimited access to every brand and designer
  • Hassle-free returns.
  • Never have to visit a shopping mall again.


Our Personal Stylists are serving the Greater Los Angeles and New York City areas, one wardrobe transformation at a time. We would love the opportunity to help you as well.